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on time. we're seeing some big moves in tech stocks, pc maker dell could go private, pushing the stock up in the premarket this morning, the rumors pushed the stock up 13% yesterday. dell's been struggling for years, once the pc king, it failed to get into the tablet and smartphone space and apple shares dived when it was a report iphone 5 sales could be falling off. >> that's surprising. >> if you look at my friends everybody likes the bigger screen. >> i thought you were going statistics. >> it's everything to do with samsung and less what the iphone looks like. >> people seem to like the bigger screens. i-phone is a tiny, tiny screen. >> can i get you on the record, in the end, will house republicans agree to raise the rate ceiling? >> i think they will find a way to do it, let's put it that way and i would urge everybody to -- >> you're not in congress anymore, come on. >> no, i think -- >> you are very moderate. >> will they get obama to make more spending cuts? >> i think we need the president's leadership on that and that was an element missing in yesterday's press conference. debr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1